Welcome to our 4-H chapter.

AscendTech Robotics Club

The AscendTech 4-H chapter is a local robotics club that serves to connect students interested in the field of robotics and engineering. Motivated high school students teach each other various skills and concepts across different fields, such as prototyping electronics or writing efficient and algorithmic code.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Honorary Member of the New Jersey Technology Council
  • 2017 MATE ROV Pennsylvania Regional Finalists
  • Sponsorships from Google & other notable companies
  • Listed as one of nine Featured Makers at the 2016 World Maker Faire
  • 4th Place Champions - 2016 MATE ROV Pennsylvania Regionals
  • 1st Place Safety - 2016 MATE ROV Pennsylvania Regionals
  • 3rd Place Technical Report - 2016 MATE ROV Pennsylvania Regionals

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